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Go take a HIVE!

Restaurant report card: Food & drinks 8/10 Décor & ambience 8/10 Service 7/10 Value for money 8/10 Ratings – on a scale of 1 to 10 (10- highest, 1 – lowest) Why should I be here : If you are quality conscious not just for food but for drinks as well. This place serves good whiskey and vodka based cocktails. One thing which is also good that they don’t use cheap liquor which is not the case everywhere. They use brands such as the likes of Absolute and Grey [...]


5 restaurants you probably haven’t tried

You may have heard of them or may have tried a few of them, but there are some more that are waiting for you to visit. Check out a quick list that you may want to try out this weekend: Shang Place: Enjoy dishes from 45 year old legacy of serving the Chinese cuisine by none other than Shangri-La’s signature restaurant ‘Shang Palace’. This fine dining restaurant is serving delicacies from the cuisine of Sichuan, classics of Cantonese and the [...]