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How to explore Barcelona on a budget?

Barcelona is busy, and there’s inevitably something to do. You require time to explore history, people and indulge into abundance of activities. If you are a ‘Value for money’ traveller, over here are some tips that can be helpful in saving extra Euros: Before you begin browse Barcelona’s official tourism website (www.visitbarcelona.com) to look through events, updates, most recent happenings and all related information in and about this city. In addition, the website also offers some interesting deals and discounts on your possible activities that could be on your things to do list. Get on to Barcelona’s official sightseeing, BUS TURISTIC. They provide excellent service and audio guide in 16 languages. They provide [...]


5 tips for a valuable travel plan

If you travel smart within a reasonable budget doesn’t mean that you will be sacrificing the quality of your trip. Here are some best practices that will help you to think a little differently when you are planning your forthcoming long weekend getaway: Destination: We usually get over enthusiastic when we look at the long weekends in the calendar. The very next thought that comes to your mind is a hill station in the north or a destination such as Goa, [...]