About Us

Travel Samosa:

Travel Samosa is the trending global guide of local discoveries. Our mission is to provide you with recommendations about anything and everything that can amaze you about a particular place or a region. Right from places to eat, places to stay, events, activities, things to do, travel tips, best picks, gadgets, lifestyle, traveling around – both in India and beyond. Best of experiences, just a click away!

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Smriti, a true Delhiite who was born here, raised here, studied here, is working here and is travelling everywhere. Not so long ago, in mid-2015, a Trip Advisor rating surprised me that my reviews were read by approximately 50,000 readers and I was amongst the top 2% most read people in Delhi. Isn’t awesome? By the way, I continue to have the same rankings year on year. Since then, I’ve been trying to share with you whatever I feel is nothing less than extraordinary to experience.

Is that all I do? No, there’s more. I am a public speaker, a public relations and a brand communications consultant and a writer.

How can Travel Samosa be of use to your brand?

 You could list your business, invite us for a review or a familiarization tour, place an ad, run special campaigns, curate customised events, organise competitions, travel writing, special stories and we can also provide you content. For details click here. Advertise With Us