6 must do things on Janmashtami!

6 must do things on Janmashtami!

  • Visit the temples : Every temple sets up colourful and elaborate floats depicting the birth of Lord Krishna, his childhood pranks as ‘Makhan Chor’ (stealing butter and curd), his frolics with Radha and the gopis and his expounding the sacred message of the Gita (the song divine) to Arjun on the battlefield. Kirtans (religious songs) are sung at homes and temples amid blowing of conches and Sanskrit mantras are also chanted.

  • Watch the jhankis – Little children dressed up as Krishna – flute in hand and peacock feather stuck on headband. Jhankis are the theatrical depiction from the Krishna stories. They happen all around Delhi.

Image: Zee news

  • Feast on to the delicacies: Relish dry fruit katlis, homemade butter and mishri, sohan papri, dhaniya burfi and other delicious sweet treats as a birthday treat of lord Krishna;

  • Do some charity – Feed some street kids with food as you celebrate the pious festival of one the favourite hindu gods;

  • Drive to the birthplace of the Lord: Drive upto Mathura to witness this amazing festival in the gorgeous city of Mathura. See the real dahi handi and other related festive celebrations


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