Nanital – a glittering jewel

Nanital – a glittering jewel

I still remember my weekend in Nanital with friends last year during this time only. We took the bus from ISBT at 11 pm, it was a straight bus route to Nanital.The ride was not that joyous as it was dark and hence, we could not get to see much outside. But the morning was beautiful. At 5:30 am, we reached Hildwani and from there, the zig-zag mountainous route started with beautiful scenery outside the window. The morning sun was falling on the mountain which appeared beautiful. Within an hour, we reached Nanital, which was at very top. If you are looking for some peaceful trip, Nanital is certainly a place to go. If you are thinking of spending a romantic or even a fun holiday where you can have your peace of mind and can also enjoy some natural scenic beauty, Nainital is without a doubt, a place to visit.



It shines as a glittering jewel in the Himalayan mountains and is surrounded with lakes and natural bounty. We enjoyed the boat ride in the lake. As we were riding the boat, clouds appeared all of sudden and we were surrounded by them and could not see anything but clouds all around. After few minutes passed by, they disappeared. It was certainly an experience. Whereas Ranikhet, also known as the “Queen’s land” is a famous tourist spot for the nature admirers.It is a place that reflects the best of Himalayas. The lush green forests, charming and majestic views of the tall pine trees, fresh subtle mountain breeze, the clean and pure atmosphere,the panoramic view of the Himalayas, delicate plant life and an attractive wild life, all these add to the heavenly and pure feeling of Ranikhet.

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