Countries you should not visit from July to October

Countries you should not visit from July to October

While hotels might try to lure and flights are cheaper than never before, but still here are some destinations that you should never travel to in the month of July – October. Trust me, its out of a personal experience.

  • Why we are saying this? These months are usually the peak season for Pacific tropical cyclones also known as ‘Typhoons’.
  • What happens in a Typhoon? It’s a cyclone that comes with strong wind and rain, and is capable of bringing terrible damage to people.

Here’s a list of 5 countries you should absolutely avoid during the months of July – October:

  • Philippines: Typhoon Koppu, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Lando, was a devastating tropical cyclone that struck Luzon in October 2015.
  • Macau: Since the only way to travel from Hong Kong to glorious Macau is via ferry, so its super dangerous to be in the sea when the typhoons are so frequent. This is from a personal experience, we were in the sea when this actually happened, and we just got lucky that our lives were saved.
  • Vietnam: The typhoons are here almost all year round but the frequency is usually said that increases from the month of June. Typhoon Khujira in June 2015 claimed a lot of destruction.

Should you have no option to avoid, then its advisable to read weather predictions and also check on the local travel advisory. Travel safe as you have lots to see.

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