BOTS – 9 things men usually say while watching IPL

BOTS – 9 things men usually say while watching IPL

If you are in any part of India during Cricket season, whether its World Cup or IPL, you are likely to hear these things from men around you, the language can be different but emotions are more or less same. The generation gap flies out of the window, especially for this particular sport. “Bhai or Bro” becomes the official word to address each other not because they don’t know names but because that passion for cricket gets mixed with the love for the sport.

  • Bhai Dhoni needs to play his helicopter shot now:

Image credits – Deccan Chronicle

  • Bus Virat he jita sakta hai, baaki koi kuch nahi kar payega

  • Bhai partnership chal gayi na toh yeh sabko hara denge

Image credits : social news

  • I am telling you aaj ka game fix tha

Image credits: sportskeeda

  • Isko kisne liya hai yaar team main

Image : cricketcountry

  • Isse better toh I can play

Image credit: Intoday

  • I miss Sachin yaar

  • Dekha Gambhir ko last world cup main liya toh aaj India phir jeeta hota. What a player man!

Image credits: cricket country

  • Abey ruk abhi phone mat kar bhai match paltega

cover image credits: no scare crow


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