5 expert tips on ordering Thai food – Chef Veena Arora

5 expert tips on ordering Thai food – Chef Veena Arora

We all know about the Tom Yums, the  Tom Kha Kai and several others but are you always confident on what to order when visiting a Thai restaurant. Sounding dumb or ordering something that you may not prefer to have is the last thing that you want to happen to you. So, here is a quick cheat sheet based on tips shared by Chef Veena Arora- Chef De Cuisine of the Spice Route at The Imperial in New Delhi that can help you enjoy your Thai meal and order like a pro:

  1.  Ask the chef for recommendations: Who better than the creator knows who will like what. It’s good to trust the chef , you can tell them about the food reservation or the taste reservation that you may have and let the chef help you decide the best treat for your pallet.

    2.Always enjoy the meal with a slew of side condiments
    like Vinegar & cucumber, fish sauce with chilies and crushed peanuts.food-salad-healthy-vegetables3. A traditional Thai meal is always enjoyed with Khai Cheow – Thai  Style Omelette.thai omellete
    4. Order a good balance of dishes that capture all taste buds- salty, spicy, sour, sweet and multiple textures- Steamed, fried, stir fried03_Discover_Thai_food
    5. The Thais eat a multi- dimensional, multi coursed meal all  together . Soups, salads, rice or noodles, curries, stir fry dishes etc are enjoyed simultaneously. Fork or spoon is  the cutlery used  by locals and Chopsticks are  only used for noodles.

Chef Veena Arora has been the star behind Imperial’s Spice Route Restaurant. Born and brought up in Thailand, Chef Veena not only has an in-depth understanding of the cuisine but is known for her season special menus that the restaurant serves. Those who absolutely are in love with the Thai food at Spice Route would be surprised to know that she is not professionally trained. Infact, just so you know Chef Veena Arora was conferred with Best Lady Chef award in 2012 by the Ministry of Tourism in India.

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