Single? Get to one of these countries for V-Day!

Single? Get to one of these countries for V-Day!

Love is a universal theme but some of us find roses and boxes of chocolate to be cliche . Here are 5 fun traditions that might make you visit these countries or you might wish could have been imported into our own Valentine’s Day practices:

  • Brazil : For Brazilians, Dia dos Namorados (Day of Lovers) is June 12. On the eve before the holiday, women write the names of various crushes on folded-up pieces of paper. Whichever name they pick from the pile on the following day will be the one they marry (or at least date!). Other South American countries practice the Dia del amor y la amistad (Love and Friendship Day), where people are randomly assigned a partner to whom they give a secret gift—Secret Santa.Write-a-Love-Letter-to-a-Girl-You-Do-Not-Know-Step-7
  • Scotland: They have a party game for V-Day! Each single person writes his or her name on a piece of paper, which is then thrown into two hats—one with the men’s names and the other with the women’s names. Everyone draws a name, and the couples pair off for the evening. Since it’s unlikely that the names will actually match, the man has to stick with the woman who picked his name—regardless of whose name he picked. Interesting!
    01 Jan 1940 --- 1930s man's hand in top hat full of paper pulling name out of hat --- Image by © ClassicStock/CorbisImage by © ClassicStock/Corbis
  • Denmark: Danish Valentine’s Day tradition is the giving of “gaekkebrev,” otherwise known as a “joking letter.” Men give woman “gaekkebrev” consisting of a funny poem or rhyme written on intricately cut paper and signed only with anonymous dots. When the woman who receives the “gaekkebrev” can correctly guess the sender, she earns herself an Easter egg on Easter later on that year. If she’s stumped as to whom her secret admirer is, she owes him an egg instead
  • China: The Chinese people usually visit the Temple of the Matchmaker to ask for love. The seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar is known as Qi Xi Jie (also called Night of Sevens). It’s a traditional festival based on a romantic love story started more than 2,000 years ago. Singles visit the temple to ask for luck in love. On this night, unmarried girls pray to Vega, the Weaving Maid star. It is also traditional for young girls to carve melons on this day.
  • Malaysia: On the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, women write their phone numbers on oranges before throwing them into the closest river with hopes that the man of their dreams will pick one up. Fruit vendors often collect the oranges, which are considered a lucky fruit, and resell them at the market—phone numbers and all! A romcom flick begins with a guy finding a “call me” orange in his bag of groceries?


So, what are you waiting for, just pack your bags and go on the dream partner hunt.

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