Your handwritten passport can ruin your holiday plans

Your handwritten passport can ruin your holiday plans

Destination – done, hotel – done, currency – done, passport – not done. If you don’t pay attention, then your passport can get you in a big mess.

Why? Because: From 24 November 2015 your handwritten Indian passport won’t take you on a vacation abroad. Neither can you fly out if your little blue book has a 20-year validity. This decision was made in alignment with rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which has decided to do away with non-machine readable (handwritten) passports globally. India is part of the ICAO.

Countries under the ICAO will not issue visas to persons holding passports that are handwritten or valid for 20 years. Even passports valid beyond November 24, 2015, will not be accepted for visa. Technically, these passports, issued before 2001, will be worthless unless they are renewed.

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